Welcome to my fanfiction Page!

First ELEVEN (that's right, ELEVEN!) chapters of Street Kombat are up!

That's right, I'm back and I've finished the story, so I'll be posting new chapters every few days!
Sorry about the (very) long break, but I'm back and the story will be finished and posted within a few weeks
Also, Tenchu fic, "survivors" is up!

Authors that have contributed

me (Mike Lynch)
Jesse Perry
Come on, people! Send me some fics to host!

Current Fic's

Street Kombat(Expect a sequel soon!)
Tenchu: Survivors


Contact me Send Comments, Questions, but no flames or Zangief will beat you up!
Also, if anyone would like their fics' hosted, send them to me.
They don't have to be Street Fighter fics, I'll put them up anyway.

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