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Street Fighter and all characters and techniques used by the
characters are owned by Capcom.
Mortal Kombat and all characters and techniques used by the
characters are owned by Midway.
This Fanfiction is for the sole purpose of entertainment and is in
no way bringing a profit to the author. It is not meant to infringe
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Corporations. This Fanfiction may not be sold, copied, or in any
way reproduced without the expressed permission of the author.

Now that the legal stuff is over with, on to the preview!

Street Kombat

It was a gloomy night. The tall grass fields were dark with the shadow of thunder clouds, and every so often, the emerald fields were illuminated by a bolt of lightning that revealed two silhouettes circling each other. One was a tall, very built up man with a scar across his chest and an eyepatch over his right eye. The other was a medium height man who was not as muscular as the tall one, but stood with an air of confidence. The tall man stopped circling and the smaller one mirrored, stopping his movement. The two glared at each other, in a state of relaxed readiness.

The tall man spoke in a very deep, hate filled voice, "I finally found you. You will pay what you did to me. Do you have any idea of the humiliation I suffered because of you? My reputation was completely destroyed! Beaten by the likes of you! You made me a disgrace to my country and Muay Thai. I will destroy you, Ryu." The tall man looked down on Ryu, who was still in a fighting stance. The wind ruffled his black hair and made his red headband flail wildly around him. As he took a step back, his karate gi seemed to cling to his body for a moment, then released.

Ryu frowned. "Don't blame me for your inability to fight, Sagat. Your loss of face was your own fault." Sagat narrowed his eyes, his fists clenched, and he bared his teeth. His whole body seemed to tense up as he said, "You....dare! The only reason you won that match was because of that annoying little Dragon Punch, the technique that put this scar on my chest! I carry it forever as a mark of shame! Until I kill you, I can no longer be called a man!" With that, Sagat crouched into a fighting stance.

Ryu tensed, not recognizing Sagat's stance. Both of his arms were held in front of his scarred chest, palms facing each other, and his legs were planted firmly on the ground. Ryu's eyes opened wide in shock when flickers of orange electricity started to dance across Sagat's body, focusing between his hands in a glowing ball of orange energy. Sagat grinned evilly and said, "Now you will die, Ryu! TIGER!" As he shouted the last word, Sagat threw his hands forward, fists outward, towards Ryu. The orange ball of energy streaked towards Ryu with lightning speed. Ryu jumped sideways, evading the attack, but burning his left leg. As he fell to the ground, he saw that his pant leg was on fire. He rolled around smothering the flames. Sagat was laughing maniacally during all of this, and laughed harder still as Ryu got up and stumbled. His left leg was burned badly and he couldn't put any weight on it. Sagat calmly walked over to Ryu and smiled. Without warning, he threw a viscious punch at Ryu's head. It connected, and as Ryu was spinning from the impact, he outstretched his leg and caught Sagat in the head with a hook kick. Sagat fell, and spat out the blood that was in his mouth. He slowly got up, and prepared for his next attack.

Sagat's remaining eye opened wide as he saw blue energy emanating from Ryu's body. Ryu pulled his arms back so his hands were at his side. The blue energy concentrated between his palms, and he said, "Sagat, you are still a poor fighter." Sagat started running towards Ryu, screaming at the top of his lungs. Ryu thrust his arms toward sagat. "HADOUKEN!!" He shouted, sending the sphere of blue energy careening at Sagat.

Sagat awoke a few days later, lying in a hospital bed with second degree burns.