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Chapter 5

The next morning Sakura awoke in the morning to the sound of a loud crash. She jumped out of her sleeping bag and ran down the stairs, still in her ‘Smurf' pajamas. She heard another crash and ran towards it. There was a hole in the wall to the garden and Sakura stepped over the rubble, careful to avoid the jagged pieces of broken stone. She looked up and saw the garden for the first time in full light. She was amazed. To her right was a tall wooden building with sliding shoji doors, to her front and left was the most beautiful garden she ever saw. "Wow." she said, eyes glistening in the sunlight, "This is amazing." Her admiration was interrupted when she heard another crash. She turned to her right, the direction of the sound, and said, "What IS that?!" Suddenly Ryu flew through the wooden door and crashed into Sakura, knocking them both to the ground. Ryu got up and swore in Japanese. He pulled his hands to his side, palms facing each other. A blue, electrical energy gathered between his palms, growing in size. Ken dashed through the destroyed wooden building. When he reached Ryu he held up his hands and said, "Ryu, don't do that here! It'll destroy the garden and part of the house!" Ryu gasped and the blue energy between his palms dissipated. Ryu smiled. "Sorry Ken, I guess I got a little carried away."

"Um...." Ryu and Ken turned to Sakura who was still on the ground. "Um...."she said, "How did you do that?" Ken hit Ryu upside the head, "Oh, great, Ryu! Just show her our schools most secret technique why don't you?! Idiot!" Sakura looked frustrated. "I said, how did you do that?!" Ken glared knives at Ryu. Sakura smiled. "Heh. Secret technique? It won't be a secret for long unless you teach it to me." "Well, idiot, now we have to teach her just to keep her from blabbing about it to the rest of the world!" Ken yelled. Hong Kong Main Docks, two weeks later A Chinese man wearing a black leather jacket and black loose fitting fighting pants stepped onto the docks and was amazed at what he saw. There were fighters of every style and description walking around, talking to each other, some were even sparring. "Wow." he thought. "I've never seen this many fighters together for one tournament!" A young feminine voice off to his left startled him. "Hey, you're Liu Kang aren't you?" Before he had a chance to respond, the voice continued. "Man, I saw you fight at the Tokyo Invitational once. You were great! As a matter of fact I...." The teenaged girl was cut off as two men came from behind her and told her to shut up. One of the men, a tall Japanese man, wearing a white gi, looked at Liu and said, "So you're Liu Kang." The man shook Liu's hand and said, "I'm Ryu. Pleased to meet you." "Likewise." he said. As Ryu walked off, Liu stared in disbelief. If Ryu was competing, then he was going to have a tough time winning the tournament. Kang watched Ryu talking to a teenage girl who he'd never heard of and Ken Masters. "Oh, great," he thought, "I have to fight against the two top-ranking fighters in the world!"

Sakura was in heaven. Everywhere she looked, she saw a famous fighter or movie star she had always wanted to meet. Johnny Cage, Guile, Guy (she didn't know their last names). She gasped when she thought she saw Akuma standing next to a small shack, but when she looked again he was gone. She looked up at Ryu and Ken. They were talking about something and didn't pay any attention to her. She decided to go off and meet some people. So she started looking for Johnny Cage. As she waded through the mob of people, she bumped into some weird looking fighters. A ninja dressed in blue looked at her through slitted eyes, and she could swear she could see his breath, even though it was a warm night. She screamed when she bumped into some green monster with orange hair all over it's body and fangs dripping saliva. She lost track of where Johnny had gone, and then thought she saw him move into a dark shack. She made her way to the shack and walked in. It was pitch black, so she couldn't see a thing. "Johnny..." she called out lightly, her voice trembling. "Johnny Cage...." Then she caught herself. Although she was only fourteen, she considered herself much too mature to be acting like a scared little girl.

Her will failed her when she saw a red glowing slit that looked kind of like an eye in the darkness. Suddenly the light switched on, and she saw a man dressed in all white, unshaven, and with a silver faceplate on the right side of his face. His right eye was a glowing red slit, and it scared her half to death. The man spoke in a slightly British, or Australian accent. "Well, well." he said, "What 'ave we got 'ere? A scared little girl lookin' fer a movie star. Well I ain't no movie star luv, but I'll sure give you me autograph. Hehehe."

"Back off, creep!" Sakura was scared and resorted to insults. Why would I want the autograph of a freak like you?" she said, getting into a defensive stance. The man's red eye lit up and he said, "No one insults Kano, I'm the leader of the Black Dragons! I'll kill you!" Kano rushed at Sakura and hit her in the face, knocking her down. Kano was incredibly powerful but she was almost unconscious already. Kano walked above her and pulled her up by the hair. "Now you're gonna die 'luv." He put his hands on either side of her face, and was about to break her neck, when Sakura saw a foot knock Kano in the jaw, sending him reeling.

As Kano's grip was released her head began to fall to the concrete floor, but was caught by someone. She strained to see who it was, but her vision was so blurry, she could only figure out that it was a boy about the same age as her. He softly laid her head on the floor, and told her everything would be alright. She heard Kano yell, "You're wrong you little punk! Nuffins' gonna be all right! I'll gut you like a fish!" The boy got up and walked towards Kano. Sakura lifted her head just enough so she could see what was going on. Kano threw a punch at the boy's head. He calmly grabbed Kano's hand right before it hit him. Sakura saw Kano try to break free, and fail, then collapse to his knees as the boy broke Kano's hand by squeezing. She saw Kano cradle the broken hand, then swear at the boy as he drew a knife. He took a slash at the boy's face, but the boy ducked and sent Kano flying into unconsciousness with a vicious uppercut to the jaw.

"Amazing." Sakura thought. "This boy is only my age and he totally devastated Kano, someone twice as big and strong as him." The boy knelt next to Sakura and said, "Hey, are you all right?" Sakura turned her head. "I'm fine. Thanks, Kano would've killed me." The boy smiled. "Think nothing of it. But, why were you in this shack anyway?" "Well, I was trying to find Johnny Cage so I could meet him, and I thought I saw him go in here." The boy smiled again. Before Sakura could ask any more questions, Kano started to moan as he regained consciousness. "Uh-oh," the boy said, "We should get out of here before he wakes up and I have to break his other hand." Sakura laughed. The boy bent down further and scooped her up in his arms. He started to carry her out the door, but stopped when she said, "Um, what's you're name?" The boy smiled and Sakura blushed. "I'm Jason. Nice to meet you."

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