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Chapter 4

The Mansion of Ken Masters, Beverly Hills

Ryu stepped out of the limo that Ken had sent for, and gasped. "Woah! This is amazing!" Ken only smiled. As Ryu and Ken walked up to the giant main doors, they began to creak open. Ryu stepped in and looked behind one door. He turned to Ken and said, "Hey Ken, how rich are you to have people getting paid to open doors?" Ken, still smiling, said nothing. Ryu turned around and saw the immensity of the main lobby. "WOW! This lobby is huge!" "Ryu, stop gawking and get upstairs to change into a fresh Gi. We have training to do!" Ryu smiled, gave a gave a thumbs-up sign to Ken, and raced upstairs.

A few minutes later, Ryu slid down the banister to the main lobby, having changed into his white Gi and red bandana. Ryu looked around, but couldn't find Ken. "Ken!" he called. No answer. "KEN!" he called, this time louder. Ryu sighed and took a deep breath. "KEN!" No answer.

Ryu walked towards the giant doors leading outside, wondering where Ken was. He opened the doors and walked down the polished marble stairs. Off to his right, behind a twenty-foot stone wall, Ryu thought he heard rustling. He walked to the base of the stone wall and saw that it was rough, like rock found in nature. Ryu jumped halfway up the wall and grabbed on with his hands. He climbed the rest of the way up, and when on top, he was looking at the most beautiful garden that he had ever seen! There was a freshwater stream that branched off in every direction, wooden bridges over the stream that had hand carved murals on them, and ancient Japanese style lanterns hanging on wooden posts and..........! Ryu almost fell off the stone wall when he realized what he was looking at. Ryu heard a laugh coming from beneath him. Ken, who must have noticed Ryu's surprise said, "Pretty amazing huh? It's an exact replica of the dojo we trained at in Japan. I oversaw it's construction. It's authentic. I even made sure they included "the deterioration of the wood." Ryu jumped down beside Ken. "Well Ken, let's get started!"

Four hours Later, inside the Masters residence

Ken was lying awake on his bed while Ryu snored from the floor. Suddenly the door burst open and one of Ken's servants started to shout. Ken held a finger to his lips and pointed at the still sleeping Ryu. "Sorry sir," the servant whispered, "but there is an intruder on the grounds. I was about to call the police......." "No." said Ken. "I'll take care of it."

Later, outside the mansion

Ken stood outside his family's mansion in his red gi and black belt, the wind making it flutter in the wind. He heard a sneeze in the bushes about fifty yards away, to his right. Ken turned his head toward the bushes and crossed his arms on his chest. "You there!" he shouted, "Come out and face me!" Ken heard cursing from the bush, and it gave way to reveal a teenaged-girl in a sailor suit school-girl outfit walking towards him, head held low. Ken narrowed his eyes.

"What do you want?" he demanded. The girl looked up and said, "I want to see Ryu Hoshi. Now!" Ken's eyes narrowed further. "And what makes you think that he is here?" The girl looked angry. "Look, Richy Rich," she spat, "I'm not a fool. I've tracked him from Japan to this house! Now are you going to let me see him or do I have to beat you senseless?!" Ken was unaffected by the girls threat. "Why do you want to see him?" he asked. The girl fumed. "That's none of your business!" she shouted. "I was just asking..." "Now get out of my way!" Ken sighed and said, "Would you please keep it down, there are people trying to sleep. And no, I won't get out of your way." The girl growled and leaped in the air towards Ken. She extended her foot and plummeted towards him. Ken stood there until the last moment, when he moved to the side about three centimeters, and the girl shot past him and crashed to the ground. Ken rolled his eyes and said, "I don't think you'll be beating me senseless if you use attacks like that." The girl grinned and said, "Probably not. But I will if I use attacks like ....this!" The girl leapt into the air, and started spinning around with her foot out. Ken, apparently not worried in the slightest, ducked the multiple kicks that her spinning sent at him and stopped her spinning abruptly, by grabbing her ankle and slamming her to the ground. Ken smirked. "Impressive, but I had already perfected that technique before you were in kindergarten." The girl lifted herself off of the ground and brushed the dirt off her clothes. "Hmph. Well, I guess it's obvious that I'm not going to beat you, so I'll ask you nicely. May I please speak to Ryu Hoshi?" Ken looked her over and said, "all you had to do was ask nicely. He is asleep. You can spend the night in a guest room and see him in the morning." The girl's eyes widened. "Really?!!" she screamed, "You mean it?!!" Ken tried to shut her up, but it was too late. Numerous windows lit up with light and mumbles and curses were heard from inside. Luckily for Ken, his parents' bedroom light was not one of them. But Kens room was. Ken heard a number of Japanese swears directed at him, and then the main doors creaked open. Ryu stumbled out, still half asleep.

"Hey Ken, what the heck is going on?!! I was having a great dream and..." Ryu stopped when he saw the girl. "Ken, who is that?" Ken looked at her, then back at Ryu. "How should I know?" he said, "She came here telling me that if I didn't let her see you she'd...." Ken was cut off as the girl said, "You're Ryu? Finally! I've been looking for you like, forever!" Ryu looked stunned. "Um....Who are you?" The girl looked disappointed. "You don't know?" She shouted and started walking toward him, pounding her feet as she went. "I won every tournament I entered, I even won at the world level, and you don't know who I am?!!" Ryu started to mumble something, but Ken interrupted. "Look you two, you're going to wake up this whole house if you don't stop screaming. Now why don't we all go inside and get some rest." With that, Ken turned and walked away toward his house with Ryu and the girl close behind. Ryu stopped and hit his palm with his fist in realization. "Now I know who you are!" he exclaimed, "You're Sakura! Aren't you the leader of my fan club in Japan?" Sakura rolled her eyes. "It takes you that long to recognize the leader of your own fan club?" "Hey I=m tired! Besides, I have more important things on my mind." he retorted. When they were all in Ken's room, Ken on the bed, and Ryu and Sakura on either side of him on the floor, Ken turned to Ryu and said, "You have a fan club?" The only response he got was a loud snore.

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