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Welcome! For those who haven't tried it, snowboarding is an exhilarating and entertaining sport and is suitable for anyone. It takes about two days to get the basics down, then you can start learning tricks. This small page is dedicated to four of my favourite pro riders, punk music, but most of all to the memory of Jamil Khan, one of the best snowboarders in the world.

some tricks (they're animated, so give 'em time to load)
Erik Leines with a front flip in the pipe.

When you go straight up and come back straight down, it's called an air to fakie. But with this much style, Daniel Franck can call it whatever he wants.

Daniel Franck with a huge HaakonFloppon in the Vail pipe.

The Riders (click on their mug shots for info)

Terje Haakonsen (my idol, and the best snowboarder in the world)

Devun Walsh

Jason Borgsteade

Roger Hjelmstadstuen

Check out some pics of these four riders



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