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Welcome to Mike's page of SPAWN!!! Keep in mind that this page is HEAVILY under construction right now, and is very primitive. I will update whenever I can, which isn't very much, so have patience!


For all you people who've been living under a rock for the past five years, I'll shed some light on Spawn for you. Spawn is a comic book about a man named Al Simmons who is in the U.S. special forces team, and his boss decides that he's 'too soft' and sends Al's best friend to kill him. Al goes to hell, and makes a deal with a devil named Malebolgia to come back to life so he can see his wife again. Malebolgia tricks him and sends him back, but sends him back five years later and horribly disfigured. Malebolgia also bonds Al with Neuro-Parasite from hell (literally) which grants him wild powers. Al lives in an alley in the heart of Rat-City (bum-town) and just tries to lead a normal life.

Mike's Links

Your one stop web site for SPAWN!!
SPAWN the movie
The web site dedicated to the new SPAWN movie!
Dragonball Fanfiction
If you like anime, then you'll love Dragonball!! This is a site dedicated to Dragonball fanfiction!
Lina Inverse's Slayers Next Page
There's a lot of anime out there, and Slayers is among the best. But this page is without a doubt the best slayers page in existence.
Ed Gorgen's Saiyajins Pride Page
Another Dragonball page, but this one has more than just fanfiction......(an extremely great page)
L'hotel Chat
If you like to chat online, then L'hotel is perfect for you. with over 12 rooms, this is the best chat host ever.
United States Marine Corps.
Serve your country!!
Kendai's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Site
Another great anime, about a boy who turns into a girl, a boy who turns into a pig, a boy who turns into a duck, and...well, you get the idea.

Spawn's home has been infiltrated times.

Other Cool Links

mcfarlane toys site.
cool site.
Spawn's Tower of Darkness Challenge
Spawn Trivia, games and contests. Very cool site.
Spawn's Lair
Spawn, Nintendo 64, Pam Lee, Korn and other stuff. Extremely well made site.
Ranma 1/2 site
Pics, descriptions, etc... A very big site
My other Spawn page
Spawn album, other music stuff
My Dragonball Page
Pretty new. Still under construction.
My Slayers Page
Still Just links. More later.