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Mike's Links

my other page.
My inhumanly amazing other page
Dragonball NOW!! Links
not many links, but they're all good.
Ed Gorgen's Saiyajin's Pride Page
A greatly designed Dragonball page.
Dragonball Fanfiction
If you like fanfiction, and you like Dragonball, then look no further!!
Ranma 1/2 Dragonball Z cross-over
A very well written fanfiction merging two of the most popular animes.
KOF Vs. Street Fighter Fanfiction
a good fanfic combining two immensely popular video games.
My Dragonball site
Still pretty new, under construction
SPAWN: The website
THE website for Spawn.
McFarlane Toys
Todd McFarlane's Spawn Action Figures.
Tower of Darkness
Spawn Trivia, Polls, Contests, and games.
My Slayers Page
Really new. Just Links right now.

SPAWN:   The   Album

I bought the CD and my friend bought the tape, and it's awesome!! These are the songs:

1. Filter& The Crystal Method:(can't you) Trip Like I do

2.Marilyn Manson& Sneaker Pimps: Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

3.Orbital& Kirk Hammet: Satan

4.Korn& The Dust Brothers: Kick The P.A.

5.Butthole Surfers& Moby: Tiny Rubberband

6.Metallica& D.J. Spooky: For Whom The Bell Tolls (the irony of it all)

7.Stabbing Westward& Wink: Torn Apart

8.Mansun& 808 State: Skin Up Pin UP

9.Prodigy& Tom Morello: One Man Army

10.Silverchair& Vitro: Spawn

11.Henry Rollins& Goldie: T-4 Strain

12.Incubus& D.J. Greyboy: Familiar

13.Slayer& Atari Teenage Riot: No Remorse (i wanna die)

14.Soul Coughing& Ironsize: A Plane Scraped It's Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon

Spawn: The album site has been hit times.