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Kaio-Sama's Links

Dragonball Fanfiction
The best Dragonball Fanfiction site out there!
Dragonball NOW!! Links
A few good links to dragonball sites.
Ed Gorgen's Dragonball Site
A great Dragonball site!
Spawn 1
My first homepage dedicated to Spawn!
Spawn 2
My website dedicated to the Spawn Album and other cool stuff!
My Slayers Page
Links, an Image gallery. More soon.

What    is    Dragonball?

What is Dragonball you ask? Dragonball is about a race of aliens called the Saiyajin. The Saiyajin are a cold, heartless race who go to different planets, kill off all the inhabitants, and sell the planets to the highest bidder. They first infiltrate the planet by sending one of their young to grow up there, assess the situation, and call for reinforcements. One day the Saiyajin sent a young child named Kakarotto to Earth. Just after he was sent, the Saiyajin home- world was destroyed by their alien leader, Freeza. Kakarotto landed on Earth and was found by an old martial arts master named Son Gohan. Gohan named the boy Son Gokuu and started to train him. While training, Gokuu suffered a nasty blow to the head and forgot about his Saiyajin heritage. He grew up to be an honest and powerful man with a wife, two kids, and a Grand-daughter. He fought the Saiyajin prince called Vegita, and beat him to save the Earth. Vegita eventually joined him in defending the Earth from any and all threats. (sorry that was so short, but I'll add more later)

The Dragonballs granted the wishes of people.